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Home Sweet Home

Where do you call “home”? A place? A building? A person? Home is where the heart is, where is it that you feel the safest to be yourself and not fear judgement from anywhere? Do you have a place like that? Some people call it their “happy place” or maybe even a comfort zone.

I know where my home is, it’s in the arms of Jesus Christ. It’s where I feel the safest because I know that He’ll always be there to catch me when I fall. He knows me fully with my shortcomings and faults and yet, He still chooses to love me. I see it in every aspect of my life, how His love for me has never let me down and has always brought me to greater heights. He had my heart even when I didn’t know Him. Now that I know Him, He has my life and I willingly give it to Him. I would be lost and dead without Him. You are my Home and I’ll always come back to you no matter how far I go.